HW1 Programming: Basic Server-Side Javascript with node.js@Startup Engineering

I've just done  the homework assigned at the lecture "Startup Engineering".

What is "Startup Engineering" ?
=> There's a description like this...


Welcome to Startup Engineering! This is the course we wish we'd had before beginning our careers. It's a summarization of what we know about starting technology companies/labs and scaling them up, taken from our experiences building Counsyland Folding@Home.

There's a lot of things to learn.
First, it is necessary to create an account of Amazon Web Service (AWS).
In addition to this, we need to learn how to use Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).
Do you think it's difficult?
No, it is very easy to understand.
It is because Balaji S. Srinivasan, who is a lecturer of Stanford Univ, teaches us through streaming video.
I'm very appreciated to him.
What I learned is as follows.

- How to use Amazon EC2
- How to operate Ubuntu with Linux commands.
- Learned linux commands, such as scp, ssh, cat, chmod and so on
- Set up environment for Node.js
- Understand how to implement javascript programs by utilizing Node.js

In the past few days, I search some kind of cloud technology on Google in order to be a user of cloud based infrastructure.
But all the things I found are so difficult that I couldn't understand at all.
Therefore I started Coursera, which is an education company and aims that anyone around the world can learn without limits.
Unfortunately, almost all the lessons are in English.
So it is difficult for those who are non-English speaker like me.
I strongly desire that coursera stream video in Japanese!!
Education industry in Japan should be changed by such incredible web streaming educational service.




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